Write to your MP

Your member of parliament (MP) is someone chosen at a general election to represent a constituency at a national level – those in northern Hertfordshire include Hitchin and Harpenden, Stevenage, and North East Hertfordshire.

Find out more about your MP here and how to contact them here.

MPs don’t have direct responsibility for library services and therefore you may be wondering whether it is worthwhile writing to them on the subject. Here are a couple of reasons that we hope will convince you that it is.

Firstly, central government has a lot of influence on local government finance and on how much money is available for councils. There are very strict rules, for example, on how council tax may be calculated and spent which were made at Westminster. So if local services are a priority for you, or if you have a view about policy trends on social, community or technology issues (such as ebooks and copyright), it’s well worth letting them know.

Secondly, MPs take a huge amount of notice about what topics crop up in their postbags, and they feed back that information to all sorts of people. They may write back to you setting out the government’s (or their party’s) position and explaining why they take a different view to you – but that doesn’t mean your concerns haven’t been noted. They may pass those concerns up the chain towards the government or down towards councillors – especially if they are members of the same political party.

Rules for writing to MPs are similar to those for councillors. Keep it brief, clear and polite and set out your story in your own words. Remember, like the website says: they work for you!