Write to the local papers

If you love your library service, and value what it has to offer, you can let people know via the letters page of the local paper. This can be very well-read and an excellent way to make a point.

Newspapers are often keen to find good-quality items to fill their letters pages, so if you stick to a few basic rules you have a very good chance of seeing your letter in print:

  • Most important is to keep it concise. If the paper gives a maximum word length, stick to it.
  • As with letters to politicians, telling your own story is always a good idea. Describe what your local library has meant to you, your friends or family and your community.
  • Keep it polite and don’t make personal attacks on people or institutions. Use the space to make positive points instead.
  • Include some details of where you live to increase the impact of your letter. It’s not customary for papers to include door numbers but, if you don’t want to reveal your street address, consider mentioning your suburb or neighbourhood to personalise your message.
  • You can post your letter or email it, depending on preference – both are equally valid. Either way, make sure to mark it “for publication”.

Most importantly, bear in mind that writing such letters isn’t a waste of time, or the preserve of people with too much time on their hands. It’s a valuable way of making your point and including your voice in the local conversation.

If you’d like to find details of local media operating in the North Herts area, check out the district council’s website here. There are also some details of Hertfordshire media on the county council website here.