Contribute to the Library A to Z from Voices for the Library

The Library A to Z is a new project from campaign group Voices for the Library and it’s a great opportunity to make a constructive contribution to the debate about UK libraries.

It’s an attempt to croudsource an alphabetical list of all the activities and values of libraries, as well as positive representations in books, songs, films and other media.

It also aims to show that, while books are undoubtedly a core feature of library services, there is so much more on offer – as as a result of the benefits of reading and beyond.

Voices for the Library is hoping that a letter or a single word will inspire you to create something in response, for example a visual alphabet to share as posters, inspiration for artists and musician or the basis for making a video of user stories.

Bearing in mind that the next National Libraries Day is due to be held on Saturday February 8, and this could be the perfect tool for celebrating it.

If you would like to contribute to the alphabet, or use it to create a work of your own, please let VftL know and they will share it on the site.

• We ♥ Libraries is planning to make a short film on the theme of ‘opportunity’ for National Libraries Day 2014. We will be collecting sound recordings of people’s views and experiences regarding libraries in Hertfordshire. Please get in touch if you’d like to contribute.