Keep up to date with what’s happening

Local democracy depends on people keeping themselves informed and getting involved. To do that, we need information on what decisions are being taken by our representatives, on how we can add our views to the process and on what we can do about decisions we disagree with.

But people are a crucial part of this. If we don’t take the time to stay informed about what is happening in our local area, if we can’t be bothered to vote or if we don’t take part in consultations then we can’t really complain that we don’t like the results.

Here are some ways of keeping in touch with current issues in the library service and wider council. If you know of any others not listed, please tell us about them.

  • The library e-newsletter will let you know what’s going on in Hertfordshire’s libraries. It covers events, reading suggestions and service announcements. Find it here.
  • news is a list of the County Council’s most recent news items on a comprehensive range of topics, including libraries and culture. Find it here.
  • Hertfordshire County Council has Twitter and Facebook pages as well as a YouTube video channel that you can follow if you use those services. Follow the links to find them.
  • The Hertfordshire Local and Libraries Cabinet Panel is responsible for making decisions about libraries and the councillor who chairs it is Chris Hayward. To find out about all council decisions, including meeting dates and copies of minutes or reports, visit its local democracy section here.
  • Public Libraries News is a website keeping track of all the developments in library services around the country, including ours. It is run by Ian Anstice, a public librarian in the north-west and is a great source of news and information.
  • And, of course, don’t forget our blog.