Contribute your story to Voices for the Library

The Voices for the Library website is, in its own words, “a place for everyone who loves libraries to share their stories and experiences of the value of public libraries.”

Visit the site here.

It was set up by a group of librarians who don’t want to lose our libraries, and who want to ensure that future generations continue to enjoy access to free unbiased, public libraries and librarians.

One of the ways it does this is to provide a platform for library users to explain what libraries have meant to them.

For example, you can find how people feel libraries have contributed to their quality of life or wellbeing, or browse through stories about children and communities. You can find out what authors and educators have to say for themselves.

You can share your own story here. If you’d like to explain what libraries have meant to you, and have the results published in their stories section, drop them a line here.

Your contribution will help ensure that the voices of library users celebrating a service that makes a real difference to them will be heard.