Library-themed geocaches

Geocaching is a popular hobby that combines treasure-seeking, puzzle-solving and outdoor activity. Participants use GPS co-ordinates and clues to track down caches (which tend to be small waterproof containers in all kinds of locations) and set their own puzzles for others to solve. Read more about it here.

GPS receiver and shadow of hand making thumbs-up symbol

Another cache found…

Unsurprisingly, libraries have provided fertile ground for this hobby. The combination of numbers on book spines to use in puzzles and welcoming buildings with generous opening hours is irresistible! And everything that gets more people through the doors is good news.

Here are a few library-themed caches from the website. You need to be a member to play but it is possible to set up a basic free account. And some mobile phones come equipped with GPS which you may be able to use to play.

If you’re already set up with the site, and are an experienced cacher, then we have set up a boomark list to go with this page that you may find useful.

Huey, Dewey and Louis go geocaching in Silkingrad
Based in our very own Stevenage, this cache takes you on a tour of the town’s public art before asking you to decode certain numbers at a mysterious final location… And read this if you don’t know the origin of the Silkingrad nickname for the town. Check it out here.
Huey, Dewey and Louie go geocaching in Caesaromagus
A reprise of the public art theme, this time based over in Chelmsford. As with the above cache, the title should provide a very significant clue. Check it out here.
Harlow Sculpture Town
Harlow – relatively nearby and so like Stevenage that you fully expect to turn a corner and find yourself in Town Square. It also has a pretty damn impressive record with public art, including a Henry Moore, a Barbara Hepworth and an Auguste Rodin. This cache takes all this in and continues the cultural theme with its final location. Check it out here.
University Departments: University Library
This Cambridge-based puzzle cache takes the University Library as its starting point and theme. From the diverse subjects mentioned, can you work out where the cache is located? Check it out here.
Proverbial Knowledge Base
This Lowestoft-based cache has been set specifically in order to attract people into the local library. The setter says: “I’ve brought cachers here to visit this facility, if places like these don’t get used enough we’re going to lose them. You may even find something of interest here.” What better reason to give it a go? Check it out here.
The British Library
And finally… the grand-daddy of them all. The British Library is to be found close to Kings Cross and St Pancras stations in north London and has more than 56 million items in its collection. You need a reader ticket to consult those items but entry to the building is free, there are always free (and alsooften paid-for) exhibitions to visit as well as an excellent café and a shop. This is one of very few large geocaches in the central London area so definitely worth a visit. Check it out here.

If you know of any other caches on a library theme, especially if they’re not too far away from North Herts, then please let us know via our contact page.