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Libraries: An A-Z of why we care

If you’d like to make a positive contribution to the debate about the future of libraries in the UK – then check out The Library A to Z – a new project from campaign group Voices for the Library.

National Libraries Day 2013: Why it’s worth supporting

Ian Anstice, practising public librarian, library advocate and the brains behind Public Libraries News, the authoritative source of information on the state of the UK’s public library service, has written a post for the National Libraries Day website on why he will be supporting National Libraries Day on February 9 – and why you should too.

National Libraries Day: Saturday February 9 2013

Next year’s National Libraries Day is due to take place on Saturday February 9, a culmination of a week’s worth of celebrations in school, college, university, workplace and public libraries across the UK.

Library closures inquiry: campaigners respond

Campaigners have come forward with a mixed response following the publication of a report from a Parliamentary inquiry into library closures.

Speaking up for libraries: Campaigners gather in London

A national gathering of library campaigners in London earlier this month has sought to set the direction of future activism and advocacy.

Library closures enquiry is about to report

An inquiry held by MPs into public library closures is about to publish a long-awaited report into its findings.

Bestselling author Freya North calls libraries ‘cornerstones of the community’

Best-selling author Freya North has called libraries “cornerstones of the community” ahead of her appearance at the Letchworth Festival on Tuesday June 19 – and highlighted the longstanding role they have played in her writing

Letchworth Festival programme is published – and we’re in it!

Your We ♥ Libraries team is incredibly excited today – for we’ve seen our entry on the Letchworth Festival programme website for Freya North’s visit in June.

Our World Book Night giveaway in Hitchin

So, how did we get on with our World Book Night giveaway? The event, which was held on and around Monday April 21, saw thousands of free books given away by participants around Britain as part of a drive to promote reading.

Libraries: a Hertfordshire MP responds (but not one of ours)

From the eastern edge of the county comes news of one Hertfordshire MP who has responded to a request by a constituent that he demonstrate support for public libraries.