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December writing prompt: North

If we said north, what would you think of? North of England, or north of the whole world? North Pole? North Star? Frozen north? A figure north of several million quid?

November writing prompt: NaNoWriMo

We’re publishing our November writing prompt a bit early so you have a little time to prepare. That’s because this month we’re suggesting a slightly bigger challenge than usual – writing a novel in the space of a month.

October writing prompt: ballot box

It’s election season in the US and that means, while most of us won’t be in line to vote for the next president, we will feel the ramifications of the exercise of democracy in the world’s one remaining superpower.

Writing opportunity: could you Write From The Heart?

Publishers of the latest edition of the writing anthology Write from the Heart are looking for contributions for its next edition. They are seeking work from writers who live, work or study in Hertfordshire and who use English as a second language.

September writing prompt: Unlucky

This month represents the 13th writing prompt published on the We ♥ Libraries blog. To celebrate, we have decided that the theme of the September prompt will be “unlucky” – inspired by a common association of the number 13.

August writing prompt: Gold

August has been the month of the Olympics and of the much-discussed 29 British gold medals (and accompanying gold post boxes) – but the word ‘gold’ has an awful lot of associations that go wider than these.

July writing prompt: Discretion

Discretion – a word with many meanings and an essential skill for getting through life.

June writing prompt: Impulse decisions

The sudden impulse decision that holds the potential to send our lives hurtling off in a new direction is not the sort of thing that forms part of our day-to-day experience. How could it, in a world of mortgages and job insecurity and family responsibilities? But in fiction, it’s a different matter. Which is why our June writing prompt is those decisions, and what happens when you make one.

May writing prompt: Aqueous

Aqueous is a word that means ‘of water’ or ‘resembling water’. Similar words might include watery, liquid, diluted or wet.

April writing prompt: The Rendezvous

We’ve ventured a little off the beaten track this month by suggesting that you might like to work towards entering a writing competition which is part of an upcoming author festival.