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Parliament consulting on Arts Council role

The role of Arts Council England (ACE) in supporting public libraries could be put under the spotlight with the announcement of an inquiry into its work.

National Libraries Day 2014: How will you celebrate?

What are you doing for this year’s National Libraries Day? The annual celebration of libraries of all shapes and sizes, all around the UK, is happening this year on Saturday February 8.

We Heart Libraries urges residents to take part in libraries consultation

The key issue for libraries in North Herts and Stevenage right now is the Hertfordshire Libraries consultation – and We Heart Libraries believes it is essential that as many people as possible take part.

Libraries: An A-Z of why we care

If you’d like to make a positive contribution to the debate about the future of libraries in the UK – then check out The Library A to Z – a new project from campaign group Voices for the Library.

Library consultation – please have your say

Now is a really important time if you’re a supporter of library services in Hertfordshire. A consultation to decide how libraries will be run over the next 10 years is currently under way and it is vital that as many people as possible have their say.

Library opening hours: have your say

If you have a view about the library opening hours that have been in place since June 2011 then we need to hear from you as soon as possible.

Writer seeks views on libraries for research project

A writer researching the impact of public libraries on the causes and symptoms of poverty is looking for information to inform her understanding of these issues. She is also interested in learning more about the impact of funding cuts.

Can you contribute to this national libraries consultation?

Arts Council England, which now has some responsibility for developing public libraries in England, is holding a consultation project to inform its future plans.

Coming in October: Mass lobby for school libraries

If you believe in the importance of school libraries and would like to do something to help support them, now’s your chance.

Tell Voices for the Library about your vision for libraries

Do you have a vision for how public libraries should operate in the future? Let your imagination run wild for a while. Money no object (or, at least, don’t let it constrain your ideas at the moment).