Why libraries matter
So, why do libraries matter? To understand, we invite
you to see them for what they are rather than relying
on others’ preconceptions. Because libraries aren’t
simply a place to borrow books or read newspapers –
they support and underpin a wealth of other services
and activities.
What you can do
With plenty of voices proclaiming (totally wrongly,
in our view) that libraries are old-fashioned, irrelevant,
unpopular or a costly indulgence that society can’t
afford, it’s up to all of us who support them to make the
opposite case as strongly as we possibly can.
The campaign
We ♥ Libraries was set up to to champion our local
library service in northern Hertfordshire. In some parts
of the country branches are closing and libraries are
facing an extremely uncertain future. We want to make
sure that never happens here, and we think the best
way to fight it is to speak up loudly about how much we
love our local libraries.
The bigger picture
In this section we take a look at some of the issues
surrounding library service provision, try to offer some
context and examine some reasons why they may
sometimes be a bad idea.

We ♥ Libraries is a independent, people-driven campaign to champion our local library service in northern Hertfordshire – that means towns and villages like Hitchin, Letchworth, Stevenage, Knebworth and Baldock.

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